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PassReminder Quick Start Guide

Copy the cell content

To copy the selected cell:

  • Click the cell you want, for example a password
  • Press Ctrl+C (copy to the clipboard the last selected cell)
  • Press Ctrl+V in the field you want, for example

Otherwise, if you click in any cell, and you want:

  • To copy the password press Ctrl+P
  • To copy the user press Ctrl+U

Import PassReminder 0.6.2 files

  • Export file as CSV under PassReminder 0.6.2

The password field is missing from the 0.7 profile set by default. Had to add it... (Bogdan Alexandru Constantin)

  • Import file under PassReminder 1.0

Reuse Browser Windows

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer:

Tools\Internet Options\Advanced Tab\Uncheck "Reuse windows for launching shortcuts"

  • Firefox


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