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PassReminder Features

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This is the current features :

Type Description
Internationalization : language translation support
Icon systray : show/hide the window with the icon in the systray
Show/hide passwords : show/hide passwords in the list
Double-click : copy the selected cell to the clipboard OR edit the entry
Password : password generator
Entry : duplicate entry
Secure database : passwords are encrypted using the blowfish algorithm
Password : support of master password
Concat : merge PassReminder files
Drag and drop : it is possible to drag and drop password and login in any application fields
Files : drag and drop severals files to open them
Help : help available
Group : add an entry in a group
Autosave : each modification is saved automatically
security : lock on minimize window
Free field : a field you can named as you want
Launcher : launch webpages
Password expiration : define an expiration date to be notified when the password expires
Launcher : launch webpages
Tree : show the list as a tree or a table

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