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Welcome to the new PassReminder website !
We hope you like it and you like the PassReminder software.
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Quick FAQ

How to import PassReminder 0.6.2 files

What is PassReminder ?

Submitted by Eyecanseeyou Team.

You would like to protect a list of passwords ? You would like to remember your passwords? PassReminder is for you! PassReminder is a free password manager. It keeps password secure.

A master password is used to encrypt/decrypt each database. PassReminder is highly customizable with about 50 options. You can use PassReminder password manager under Windows and Linux. Next releases will include macOS support.

Present Features include: random password generator, searching, merging, import / export, drag and drop...

Click here for screenshots.


It is Free

Submitted by Eyecanseeyou Team.

PassReminder is a free password manager. There is no adware, no spyware. Moreover the PassReminder uninstallation leaves no trace on your operating system. But why would you like to uninstall PassReminder ;-) ?

If you want you can contribute money to PassReminder project. Donations will be used for the improvement of PassReminder...


Submitted by Eyecanseeyou Team.

To make secure your database, PassReminder uses the blowfish encryption algorithm. "It takes a variable-length key, from 32 bits to 448 bits ... Since then it has been analyzed considerably, and it is slowly gaining acceptance as a strong encryption algorithm."

More details...

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