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It is easy!

Since PassReminder v1.0 it is easy to translate PassReminder in your language.

  1. Go to the installation directory of PassReminder (C:/Program Files/PassReminder)
  2. The current translations are in the lang directory
  3. Pick the english translation for example, messages.properties.
  4. The file contains keys and values like this key1 = value1. The keys must not be changed, whereas the values must be translated in the new language.
  5. You must translate all the values



In the english translation file (messages.properties):

clearcb.action.ttt  = Clear the clipboard

And in the french translation file (messages_fr_FR.properties):

clearcb.action.ttt  = Vide le presse papier

Send the translation



PassReminder 0.6.2 files

  • Export file as CSV under PassReminder 0.6.2
  • Import file under PassReminder 1.0
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